5 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Help with Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain

Anyone who suffers from chronic back pain knows how challenging it can be to perform even the simplest daily activities. Fortunately, thanks to the latest innovative treatment options available, there is hope for those who seek treatment from qualified pain management physicians.

But there are also steps that can be taken as part of your everyday routine that may help to reduce your back pain symptoms, in addition to following your pain doctor’s recommendations:

Maintain good posture

Posture can play a key role in the frequency and intensity of back pain. To maintain good posture, the 3 natural curves in the spine should be kept as intact as possible, with little or no increase/decrease in the degree of natural curvature.

It is important to pay special attention to your body position and keep your core engaged while doing activities such as lifting, pulling, sitting or standing, to place the least amount of strain on ligaments and muscles. Additionally, one should avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time, and shift positions as frequently as possible while sitting or lying.

Other ways to improve your overall posture include staying active, maintaining a healthy body weight, wearing comfortable shoes and using chairs that provide proper lumbar support.


It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again: if you want to maintain good overall health and experience fewer physical discomforts, you simply must do some form of exercise.

This doesn’t have to mean a full-time gym membership, or a rigorous 2-hour a day work-out routine; but rather, staying in motion with consistent daily activities such as walking, swimming, biking, or whatever activity you can do safely, as permitted by your individual back pain condition.

Stop smoking

Smoking adversely affects your muscles and bones, as well as your general health. The nicotine in cigarettes restricts proper blood flow to spinal disks, which can cause the cushioning in those disks to deteriorate more rapidly, often resulting in back pain.

Furthermore, smoking inhibits the proper absorption of calcium, which is necessary for blood circulation, muscle movement and the release of critical hormones. All of these factors contribute to greater potential for painful physical conditions.

Avoid and manage stress

Even though it’s far easier said than done, it’s important to try to relax as much as possible. Seek ways to reduce or eliminate stress in your everyday life and avoid situations that cause undue pressure or anxiety for you.

While it’s impossible to wipe out every possible stressful situation, there are steps that will help to lessen the effects of those stressors, such as deep, focused breathing or spending time in nature.

Whatever works to ease your symptoms of stress, try to do more of that, and steer clear of obvious anxiety triggers when possible. Taking these steps will improve your overall outlook and help your body to better cope with chronic pain.

Lose excess weight

Extra weight applies undue pressure and strain on your spine, which can lead to painful symptoms. Exercise plays a significant role in achieving weight loss, as does maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet.

There are also many simple alterations you can make in your daily routine that will help facilitate weight loss, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, (if your pain condition permits,) not eating just before bedtime, or gradually reducing your sugar intake.

Even if you commit to only a few of the steps outlined above, keep in mind that by incorporating any of these important daily habits into your regular routine, you are increasing the potential  for diminishing your chronic pain symptoms.

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