Smoking Cigarettes Can Increase Low Back Pain

Smoking & Chronic PainDid you know that people who smoke are more likely to develop chronic back pain than non-smokers? Research has shown a definitive connection between smoking and pain.

Here are some of the more notable conclusions derived from studies on this topic:

  • Not only is smoking dangerous for your overall health, but it can cause constriction of the blood vessels, which decreases the flow of blood and increasesWhen blood flow to vertebral discs is restricted, the rate of degeneration is escalated and the loss of cushioning in the discs can lead to increased back pain.
  • Smoking can impact your bone density, leading to fractures and frailty.Because nicotine inhibits calcium absorption and prevents new bone growth, smokers have an increased risk for osteoporosis (brittle or fragile bones,) and bone fractures take longer to heal.
  • Smoking interferes with brain circuitry that is associated with pain. Because nicotine increases brain activity that inhibits resilience to pain, smokers are more sensitive to chronic back pain.Long-term smoking has been found to cause receptor desensitization, which creates a perception in smokers that a relatively small degree of pain is severe.
  • Smoking can lead to increased risk of osteoporosis and lumbar disc disease.
  • If you take opioids to manage your chronic low back pain, smoking can diminish the effectiveness or your prescription medications, which can lead to less effective pain relief and the risk for increased opioid use.

It is well-known that overall wellness is greatly improved by quitting smoking. There are many helpful resources available to help you stop smoking; it’s never too late to try… or even try again!

Speak with your healthcare professional or visit for help.

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