Here’s What You Should Know Before Taking Prescription Pain Medications

Prescription Pain MedicationWhen pain cannot be managed by way of natural methods and/or surgical procedures, your pain management specialist may prescribe pain medications for relief.

While the benefit of prescription drugs may be a reduction or elimination of pain symptoms, there are also some risks to consider.

Taking pain meds responsibly is critical to ensuring the best outcomes while keeping ‘downsides’ to a minimum. Before taking any medication, take time to get informed about them and any risks they may pose.

You can start with these general facts about prescription medications:

  1. Just because a controlled drug is legal to prescribe, that doesn’t mean it’s safer than illegal drugs.
  1. Many prescription drugs, such as pain or anti-anxiety medications, can be addictive.
  1. Teenagers are at an increased risk for addition, as their brain is not yet fully developed until they reach their early to mid-twenties.
  1. Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of controlled prescription drugs is legally the same as Driving Under the Influence (DUI).
  1. Taking a prescription drug that is not specifically prescribed to you is a criminal offense.
  1. Sharing, selling or giving someone your prescription drug is also a criminal offense, including possible charges of trafficking in a control substance.
  1. Never adjust the dosage of a medication that was prescribed to you. Depending on the drug, this can lead to withdrawal symptoms including:
    • difficulty breathing
    • confusion
    • exhaustion
    • decreased heart rate
    • anxiety
    • insomnia
    • muscle tremors
    • physical dependence
    • life-threatening consequences
  1. Don’t discard unused or outdated medicine in the trash. There are specific guidelines provided by the government on how to safely dispose of medication. To learn more, visit
  1. Combining different controlled substances can be dangerous– make sure your prescribing physician is aware of all medications and herbal supplements you are taking. Mixing medications can lead to overdose or even death.
  1. Do not mix alcohol with prescription medications. Doing so may lead to:
    • Drowsiness
    • Dizziness
    • increased risk for overdose
    • slowed or difficulty breathing
    • impaired motor control
    • unusual behavior
    • memory problems
  1. Keep track of when you take all your medications in order to minimize the risk of taking double doses or missing a dose.
  1. Don’t discuss medications you’re taking with anyone except your medical or mental health team. Keep your medications in a secure place at all times. These medications often the target of theft from medicine cabinets. Addicts have been known to break into homes where they suspect they can find drugs, or to rob someone who is in possession of a prescription medication they crave.

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