Looking for the Best Pain Doctor? Check the Reviews.

Patient Reviews

When it comes to finding a qualified pain management physician to help relieve your chronic pain, one of the best places to begin your research is patient reviews.

Hearing from people who share personal experiences of visits with their pain clinic or doctor is a great way to get an accurate and unbiased assessment of services the physician provides.

Any promotional advertisement will tout a pain provider as the most qualified, most attentive and most likely to offer better care than any other providers in your area. But there’s no way to know whether they really ‘walk their talk’, unless you can get feedback from those who have personally consulted with them in the past.

When real-life patients take time to post on social media or online review sites, it typically means they felt strongly about their chronic pain treatment experience, whether it was good or bad. Many people never bother to post reviews at all, so those who do are more likely to have something they feel is important to say. For instance:

  • When a patient has a bad experience with their pain management physician, they often turn to review sites as an outlet for their frustration, particularly if their provider fails to properly address any expressed complaints or concerns. Many patients post negative comments in order to prevent others from falling into the same bad situation they encountered.
  • When a patient has a good experience, they don’t necessarily bother to post on review sites to tell the world about it. But if they feel their provider went above and beyond to address their chronic pain management needs, they’re often compelled to share such an extraordinary resource with others, and happy to boost business for the pain physician in the process.

In short, check for reviews about any pain management provider before you schedule an appointment with them… it’s a sure-fire way to get a sneak peek at what you’re getting into before you book your consultation.

Have You Seen Our Reviews?

At Florida Pain Relief Centers, we are committed to helping our patients live a more pain-free quality of life. Our highly skilled physicians are dedicated to relieving your suffering and ensuring your comfort with compassionate, individualized care and state-of-the-art technologies for pain relief.

Here are some of the many glowing reviews we’ve received from current and past chronic pain patients:

  • This is the best pain relief center I’ve ever been to. I have a debilitating disorder. And the level of compassion these doctors have is over the top. Well most people can’t even pronounce the disease that I have, these guys are surprisingly and refreshingly knowledgeable about it. They don’t mess around and I never worried they are going to go out of business for being a pill mill. If I wanted a pill mill I’d go someplace else. These are top notch doctors who want to help you live the best life you can while you’re on this earth. I love Dr. Piszel, Anthony, Pearl, and the others. They each hold themselves to a high standard. Easy to get appointments. Compassionate. On time. I wish all of my doctors were as fantastic as these are. I thank God for them.”
    – Lesa R., Brandon
  • I see Dr. Jose Rivera at the Tampa Pain Relief Center. He and his staff are very caring, helpful and persistent when it comes to my chronic pain! They listen and take what you have to say very seriously. I highly recommend Dr. Rivera and the Florida/Tampa/Brandon Pain Relief Centers if you want your pain mitigated.”
    – Mark H., Tampa
  • “The staff is amazing. They know their patients and truly care about them. Love this place.”
    – Ronalee T., Merritt Island
  • “Dr. Cassel is an excellent dr. His cool demeanor doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. His focus is on how to help you best and also follow the guidelines of Sarasota Pain Mgmt. He believes that imaging and physical therapy are an important part of complete care. These are also requirements of the group practice Sarasota Pain Mgmt.”
    – Marianne V., Sarasota
  • “Dr Piszel has been so thorough in treating my neck injury. The staff are polite and helpful. I always get answers to my questions and Dr Piszel takes the time to ensure all my needs are met.”
    – Vickie D., Brandon
  • “Everyone was very nice and made me comfortable.”
    – Linda A., Merritt Island

If you’re suffering with chronic pain and want more information about options available for relief, contact Florida Pain Relief Centers today at 800.215.0029 or click the button below to set up a consultation at one of our clinics online.

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