How Assessment by a Pain Physician Can Help You Make the Right Choices

Pain Doctor Assessment

Pain physicians, pain specialists, or pain doctors can be doctors of osteopathy or medical doctors who specialize in preventing, treating, and evaluating pain caused by disease and pain disorders.

They also work as consultants to other health care providers and can help them coordinate patient care.

It’s generally a good idea to consult with a pain physician before going to some other health care provider to help you with the issue, especially for something as complex as low back pain.

This issue plagues most adults, at least once or twice, and the most unfortunate ones can have chronic pain that lasts for years on end.

With this in mind, here are some of the reasons why you should get assessed by a pain physician if you suffer from back pain.

  • They Specialize in Back and Neck Pain

    Pain physicians need to have a minimum four-year education in a medical school and college, to earn their D.O. or M.D. degrees. They can specialize in many different areas related to pain. These include chronic pain, cancer pain, addiction, back and neck pain, and many others. Pain physicians are specialists in their field, and educated to understand the causes, symptoms, and how to cure pain.

  • They can Diagnose and Manage Pain

    A trained pain physician knows many different techniques through which they can diagnose your type of back pain and help treat it. To evaluate your back pain, a pain physician will take your family and personal medical history. They will learn about your lifestyle, your activities, review your previous medical tests, and perform an examination.Some treatments help eliminate pain, while some of them are only there for pain management. A pain physician can also offer advice on how to live your life to reduce pain or prevent it from coming back.

  • They can Recommend Other Health Specialists for You

    Back pain can be a tricky thing, as there are many reasons why it can happen. It’s crucial to pinpoint the cause of pain and provide the right treatment. If not, patients can easily cause themselves even more pain or even additional injuries.Pain doctors can provide different methods for reducing pain, including surgery, medications, nerve blocks or injections. However, in some situations, they might not be capable of providing you with adequate treatment. Some alternative therapies include meditation, massage, water therapy, acupuncture, and a chiropractor, but only a pain physician can tell you which option will be safe for you.


Overall, it’s generally a good idea to visit a pain doctor when you are having back issues. Whether you’ve had an injury or you don’t know why you are in pain, a pain physician can give you hands-on advice and expert recommendations.


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