LSS Patient Finds Relief from Pain with Revolutionary New Treatment Option

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“90% relief... My back feels excellent!”

Those are the comments of a patient who recently found significant relief from the pain symptoms of Lumber Spinal Stenosis (LSS) thanks to a revolutionary new therapy called Superion.

Dr. Todd S. Traub of Tampa Pain Relief Centers treated patient Ed Sterling for his back and leg pain using this new, minimally invasive procedure that is changing the lives of patients suffering from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis by decompressing the nerves that are impinged in the spine.

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Free Educational Seminar: Superion Indirect Decompression System

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  • Do you suffer from pain when walking or standing?
  • Do you find relief when leaning over or sitting down?
  • Have you tried six months of conservative care treatment without finding relief from your pain?
  • Do you want to avoid undergoing major surgery?
If you answered "yes", we may have a solution for you!

Superion® Indirect Compression System

What is Superion®?

The Superion® device is a tiny titanium implant that is delivered through a tube the size of a dime. There is no removal of bone or tissue, and bleeding is minimal.

Superion® was developed for patients with spinal stenosis who have tried six months of consecutive care treatment without finding relief from their pain. It is also for patients whose medical history shows that Superion® may be their best treatment option because traditional spinal surgery could be too demanding.

How does Superion® work?

The Superion® device is designed to keep your spine positioned so that when you stand upright the nerves in your back will not be pinched. That pinching is what causes leg pain.

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Coming Event: Spinal Cord Stimulation Physician Discussion with Dr. Jose Rivera

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Tampa Pain Relief Centers and Boston Scientific would like to inform you about an advanced procedure that is helping patients with...

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