Sarasota Pain Management Physician Discusses Breakthrough Treatment Option for Relief from Spinal Stenosis

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During our recent Community Lecture Series for Pain Awareness Month, Sarasota PRC's Dr. Amitabh Goel outlined the anatomy of the spine and the effects of Spinal Stenosis, a degenerative condition of the lumbar spine.

With Spinal Stenosis, the soft tissue or “discs” between the vertebrae (bones that make up the spine) become worn down as we age. This causes a narrowing of the spine that can result in pinched nerves, leading to pain in the back, buttocks or down the legs, and weakness in the legs or back.

Early-stage cases of Spinal Stenosis may be treated with medications or injections, while extreme cases often require surgery.

Vertiflex Superion® Indirect Decompression System

But 'in between' those two ends of the spectrum, there are many patients who no longer find pain relief with medications, yet they don't want (or can't have) back surgery. It is for these patients that Dr. Goel considers Vertiflex’s Superion® Indirect Decompression System to be an exceptional treatment option.

Superion® is a small device that is implanted in the spine to act as a support to keep the vertebrae from collapsing, allowing the spinal canal to stay extended and relieving pressure on affected nerves.

During his lecture, Dr. Goel references the original study in which the FDA granted approval for the device, which produced what he considers unprecedented results:


As indicated, at four years after the procedure, nearly 90% of the patients in the clinical trial expressed continuing satisfaction, with find significant pain relief.

What makes the Superion® system a preferred treatment option for patients? Not only does it reduce or eliminate the need for opioid medications, it also keeps patients from having to endure demanding surgery and difficult recovery.

Here are just a few of the features that make this such a remarkable solution:

  • Minimally invasive - the implant is done through small, thumbnail-size incision
  • Completely reversible - easy to remove and proceed with other options if needed
  • Sized to fit - the implant size is chosen to fit the individual patient
  • No destruction of bone or tissue
  • Minimal bleeding
  • No general anesthesia is required for most patients - intravenous sedation is often suitable
  • Performed on an outpatient basis - patients go home same day
  • Post-surgical care is very simple
  • Effects are almost immediate

Dr. Goel says...

"A lot of the patients get up off the table to start walking and immediately notice a difference. It is incredible."

To learn more about this powerful treatment option for relief from Spinal Stenosis, watch Dr. Goel's full presentation here:  


(Running time: 7:52)

About Dr. Amitabh Goel


Dr. Amitabh Goel has an extensive background in musculoskeletal medicine, and has also practiced as an interventional physiatrist for more than 15 years. He is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation with subspecialty certifications in pain medicine and neuromuscular medicine.

Dr. Goel has received numerous accolades from medical publications over the years, including “America’s Best Physicians,” “America’s Top Physicians” and “Top Doctor,” and he has several first author publications, which are widely cited in medical literature. Additionally, he has patents on spinal cord stimulators, a field in which he has a special interest. 

Dr. Goel currently practices at the Pain Relief Centers Sarasota, Florida location. Click here to read more »

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