Neuromodulation Therapy Helps Relieve Pain for Military Veteran

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In Florida, Tampa area patients are finding substantial pain relief with neuromodulation therapy, (also known as spinal cord stimulation,) which involves an implantable device that "interrupts" pain signals before they reach the brain. The device replaces pain signals with a more pleasant, soothing sensation.

To date, neuromodulation has helped effectively reduce pain for thousands of patients so they could return to their normal activities. It is most commonly recommended for a condition known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS), which affects approximately 40 percent of patients who have had previous spinal surgery. 

In the case of a recent Brandon, FL patient, 20 years in the military with multiple injuries and surgeries left him with nerve damage and pain.  After thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Bruce Piszel of Tampa Pain Relief Centers recommended neuromodulation therapy for the patient, who experienced significant relief as a result of the treatment.

Watch (or read) what patient Rob Smith had to say about the results of his neuromodulation therapy...



In his own words...

Dr. Piszel and patient Rob Smith"I actually have 2 systems; one for my lumbar region and one for my cervical region. I've been in the military for 20 years and have had multiple injuries, 18 surgeries. Because of that, I've had nerve damage in both legs and my left arm.

The Neurostims have almost eliminated all the numbness from both my legs and my arm, as well as alleviating most of the pain."

- Rob Smith


Here are some of the advantages of Neuromodulation Therapy:

  • Minimally-invasive - the implant is placed through a small incision.
  • Outpatient treatment - patients go home the same day.
  • 'Trial' implant - enables patients to try on a temporary basis before permanent implantation.
  • Provides relief when more conservative pain management therapies have failed.

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About Dr. Piszel

Dr. Bruce Piszel is board certified in pain medicine with a background in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He has extensive experience performing many pain medicine procedures, including:

  • cervical, thoracic and lumbar facet injections (medial branch blocks)
  • cervical and lumbar transforaminals
  • cervical interlaminars
  • cervical, thoracic and lumbar radio-frequency neurotomy
  • stellate ganglion blocks
  • lumbar sympathetic blocks
  • Ilioinguinal blocks
  • genitofemoral blocks
  • peripheral nerve injections
  • spinal cord stimulation trials

Dr. Piszel currently practices at Tampa Pain Relief Centers Brandon clinic location in Florida. Learn more » 


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