LSS Patient Finds Relief from Pain with Revolutionary New Treatment Option

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“90% relief... My back feels excellent!”

Dr. Traub with LSS PatientThose are the comments of a patient who recently found significant relief from the pain symptoms of Lumber Spinal Stenosis (LSS) thanks to a revolutionary new therapy called Superion.

Dr. Todd S. Traub of Tampa Pain Relief Centers treated patient Ed Sterling for his back and leg pain using this new, minimally invasive procedure that is changing the lives of patients suffering from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis by decompressing the nerves that are impinged in the spine.

Superion is the next step in the treatment algorithm for patients who no longer get lasting relief from epidural injections. This remarkable alternative to traditional surgery offers a simple, safe and effective spinal implant that acts as an extension blocker, which relieves pressure on the affected nerves by allowing the spinal canal to stay extended when standing.

When the nerves are freed, patient symptoms in the back and legs are relieved and they are able to stand straighter and walk longer distances without having to sit or bend over.

Mr. Sterling is among thousands of patients who have experienced profound improvement in their LSS symptoms as a result of the Superion procedure. In a recent video interview with Vertiflex Representative Nick Villarreal, Mr. Sterling describes how the procedure helped to relieve his pain.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear what Mr. Sterling has to say about his results:



You can read a transcript of the discussion here:

Vertiflex Nick Villarreal Discussing SuperionNick: How you doing Mr Ed? We're going to talk to you today about your lumbar spinal stenosis and the Superion procedure you had done. Can you tell us a little bit about how you felt before you had the procedure done; what were your symptoms?

Ed: A lot of pain; I couldn't move the way I wanted to.

Nick: Where was your pain, in the back or legs?

Ed: In my back.

Nick: Then you had the procedure performed by Dr. Traub, and how was the actual procedure - I know you were asleep, but in the following days...?

Ed: It was good.

Nick: It was good; not too much pain?

Ed: No

Nick: And how are you feeling now after the procedure?

Ed: I feel good - my back feels excellent really.

Nick: How much percentage relief do you think you've gotten in your back?

Ed: 90%

Nick: 90%, awesome. And are you able to do a lot of the activities you weren't able to do before?

Ed: Yes, but there's (a separate issue) in the leg is the only thing...

Nick: Right - but aside from the separate (issue in the leg,) the pain in the back is gone and is allowing you to do some of the activities you haven't been able to do?

Ed: Yes.

Nick: So overall would you say you're satisfied with the procedure?

Ed: Oh yes.

Nick: Would you recommend the procedure to your friends and family?

Ed: That depends upon on who the friends were, (laughter).

Nick: We appreciate your time, Ed, thanks so much.

Countless patients have shared similar stories  of how this powerful alternative therapy option has brought them long-awaited relief from back and leg pain. Quite simply, the treatment is a real game-changer in the lives of those who suffer from chronic pain issues.

If you live with Spinal Stenosis and want  additional details about the procedure, click here to read more about Superion »

About Dr. Traub

Dr. Todd S. Traub has an extensive range of clinical experience, treating many chronic pain problems including:

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  • Sympathetic nerve mediated pain
  • Shingles pain
  • Postherpetic neuralgia pain
  • Occipital neuralgia / headache pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Cancer pain
  • Back, neck and lower extremity pain

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