HF10® Brings Pain Relief to Patient After 9 Years, 2 Back Surgeries and Countless Injections

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In Central Florida, patients living with chronic back and leg pain are finding long-awaited relief with a remarkable treatment that provides significant pain reduction where other treatment options have failed.

Nevro's HF10® therapy, a high frequency spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system, has been designated by the FDA as superior to traditional SCS, having the highest demonstrated success rate for chronic back and leg pain.  This small, minimally invasive implant reduces pain by delivering mild electrical pulses to the nerves to interrupt the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

Thanks to HF10, patients are experiencing powerful results that help them return to normal everyday activities without drugs or major surgery, and without the paresthesia (tingling sensation) often associated with traditional SCS . In Central Florida, Dr. Rick Nieves-Ramos has seen amazing outcomes in patients who suffer from chronic back and leg pain, even when those patients found little or no relief with other treatment options. 

Watch (or read) what one of Dr. Ramos' patients had to say after HF10 treatment...



Meet Michelle...

Dr. Ramos with Nevro Patient"Nine years ago, two back surgeries and countless injections (and) I continued to have back pain. Over the last 2 years, for the most part, bedridden. I spent more time laying down than up because of severe pain that was not under control.

Doctor Ramos told me about the Nevro HF10 and how well other patients had responded to it after implant. Dr. Ramos informed me that it may not completely rid me of all pain, but any relief would be wonderful. I took a chance, did the trial Nevro HF10 and had good results. I then had the permanent implant put in.

Today I'm able to walk well and perform activities I had only dreamed of in recent years. I can now clean my own house, cook dinner and travel, among many other things. Yes, I still have some pain, but it is less, and I am thankful!

I would highly recommend Dr Ramos to perform the Nevro HF10 implant as he is very knowledgeable of this unit and has done many implants with positive results.

- Michelle Muse


Benefits of Nevro HF10:

HF10 is a next generation spinal cord stimulation (SCS) implant system that offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Significant relief for both back and leg pain
  • Minimally invasive
  • No addictive pain medications; no undesirable side effects
  • Can be tested out as a trial prior to permanent implantation
  • May be left on 24/7
  • Completely reversible

Though results may vary between patients, studies have shown that 88 % of patients treated with HF10 are more independent because of their reduced pain.

About Dr. Ramos

Dr. Ramos OrlandoDr. Rick Nieves-Ramos is double board-certified with a sub-specialty certification in Pain Medicine and specialty certification in Anesthesiology by the American Board of Medical Specialties. He has worked with world-renowned experts in lower back pain therapy, and technique innovators at the University of Miami, and has completed an ACGME accredited fellowship in Pain Medicine at Cedars of Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he served as an attending Anesthesiologist. Dr. Ramos also participates in new product development for Spinal Cord Stimulation devices.

Dr. Ramos is a native of Orlando, Florida, and currently practices at Pain Relief Centers’ Altamonte Springs and Downtown Orlando clinic locations in Florida.


Are you Living with chronic pain?

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