Join us for a FREE Community Lecture Series for Pain Awareness Month

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Florida Pain Relief Centers

September 2018, Pain Relief Centers & Florida Pain Institute will present this complimentary opportunity for learning & sharing in multiple Florida locations — and you’re invited!


PRC Pain Management physicians will be in attendance to speak on topics related to the latest interventional treatment options available for area patients suffering from chronic pain conditions.

Choose from 3 Convenient Florida Locations!

(Please RSVP Promptly — seating is limited.)


September 24 — 27, 2018
Presented by Tampa Pain Relief Centers

Includes: food & refreshments,
raffle giveaway & door prizes!


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September 24 — 28, 2018
Presented by Sarasota Pain Relief Centers

Includes: FREE mini-massages &
FREE stretching sessions!


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September 27 — 28, 2018
Presented by Florida Pain Institute

Complimentary Lunch Included!


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seating is limited,
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What is Pain Awareness Month?

Pain Awareness Month occurs every September, when businesses and organizations focus on raising public awareness of issues related to pain and pain management.

In honor and support of this cause, Pain Relief Centers' interventional pain management specialists will offer their time and expertise to present the Community Lecture Series, for the purpose of making life-changing pain management information available to the public.

Chronic pain issues diminish overall quality of everyday life, as living with pain can be extremely debilitating. But many people suffering from pain conditions are simply not aware that there are alternative treatments available to them, that have already provided remarkable levels of relief for thousands of patients to date, without need for difficult surgeries.

Pain Relief Centers' physicians are dedicated to raising awareness among those living with chronic pain issues, so they no longer have to suffer needlessly. If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from pain every day, we cordially invite you to attend the Community Lecture Series — at no cost — to discover the latest cutting-edge treatment options from our expert pain management specialists.


 cal-date-09-24 "Minimally Invasive Options for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis" Dr. Attias
cal-date-09-25 "Neuromodulation Therapy in the Treatment of Chronic Pain" Dr. Piszel
 cal-date-09-26 "Alternatives to Opioid Therapy to Control Pain" Dr. Rivera
 cal-date-09-27 "SI Joint Pain/Treatments/Alternatives/Posterior Sacroilaic Joint Fusion" Dr. Traub
 cal-date-09-24 12:00 pm: "Everything you need to know about opioid medication use in Sarasota" Investigator Mike Harrell / Dr. Diaz-Ramirez
5:30 pm:    "Direct Anterior Hip Replacements" Dr. Shapiro (Orthopaedic Surgeon)
 cal-date-09-25 12:00 pm: "A Holistic Approach to Treating Your Pain" Dr. Diaz-Ramirez / Dr. Wilkins
5:30 pm:    "Shoulder Pain" Dr. John Moor
 cal-date-09-26 12:00 pm: "Low Back Pain & Treatment Innovations" Dr. Cassell
5:30 pm:    "Regenerative Medicine: Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Me?" Dr. Diaz-Ramirez
 cal-date-09-27 12:00 pm: "Chiropractic approaches to pain" Dr. DeMaio
5:30 pm:    "Comprehensive Treatment of Headaches & Migraines" Dr. Davender Khera
cal-date-09-28 12:00 pm: "Acupuncture Treatment Options" Dr. Benner
5:30 pm:    "New Options in the Treatment of Spinal Stenosis" Dr. Goel



At Pain Relief Centers, our pain management specialists focus on providing comprehensive, personalized care for each patient. The highly-skilled providers at PRC take a multidisciplinary approach to advanced pain management, assessing your individual needs to more effectively relieve your chronic pain and restore your quality of life.

PRC’s board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive, multimodal approach to treating your chronic pain. Relieving your pain and ensuring your comfort are top priorities at Pain Relief Centers.

If you are tired of living with chronic pain and want more information on options for minimizing or eliminating your suffering, contact Pain Relief Centers today at (800) 215-0029 or visit to set up a consultation at one of our clinics.


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