Sarasota PRC's Dr. John J. Sassano Discusses Pain Management in Informative Radio Interviews

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Dr. John Sassano - Pain Management Physician


Sarasota Pain Relief Center's Dr. Sassano addresses pain management topics in this radio interview series on 106.9 FM Radio's "Daily Health Check" with freelance health writer Heidi Godman.

During his decades of pain management experience since becoming a board-certified, fellowship trained specialist in 1976, Dr. Sassano has been dedicated to addressing the individual needs of patients in pain, in order to provide them with the best care and treatment outcomes.

Having suffered from chronic pain in his own life, Dr. Sassano has a firsthand understanding of what patients go through; the emotions, fears and loss that accompany their physical pain. And he understands that while most people with chronic pain could benefit from interventional pain management, there are many out there who continue to suffer due to time or financial restraints. When these factors are an issue, pain sufferers may be reluctant to commit to an office consultation without first getting to know a physician and/or the pain management process.

Pain Management OptionsDr. Sassano realizes that many who could be helped often continue living with pain due to reluctance to take the first step. It is for this reason that he devotes time to spreading the word by providing generalized pain management information to the public wherever possible, in order to help those in pain become familiar with the process and available solutions. This serves to educate pain sufferers as they seek to determine whether they may find relief by way of interventional treatment options, without first having to secure an office appointment.

The radio interviews below are a good start to becoming more familiar and comfortable with the possibilities available for helping anyone living with chronic pain. (If that isn't you, be sure to forward this article to a friend of family member who could benefit from the valuable information contained in these recordings.)

Available Radio Interviews

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About Dr. Sassano

Dr. John J. Sassano is a board-certified, fellowship trained specialist in Interventional Pain Management. After graduating from the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine in 1976, he attended a General Surgery Residency at the University of Vermont and completed both a Residency in Anesthesiology and a Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center. These were followed by Pain Fellowships at the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center and at Texas Tech University.

Dr. Sassano practices at Sarasota Pain Relief Centers’ South Sarasota location.  His practice of compassionate care and dedication to understanding the unique needs of his patients ensure the best treatment outcomes.

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