Join us for a FREE Community Lecture Series for Pain Awareness Month

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September 2018, Pain Relief Centers & Florida Pain Institute will present this complimentary opportunity for learning & sharing in multiple Florida locations — and you’re invited!

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New, SAFE Treatment Option Helps Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Sufferers Stand Longer and Walk Farther with Less Pain

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Sarasota Pain Relief Centers is proud to announce the mild® procedure as a treatment option for patients who suffer from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS). The mild® procedure is cutting-edge new technology which allows more patients to seek treatment locally without the burden of having to travel.

Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez, Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Pain Medicine Physician, is one of the first physicians to perform the mild®procedure in Sarasota County.

The mild® procedure is used to treat LSS, a condition which occurs when the spinal canal narrows and compresses the spinal cord nerves in the lower back. LSS is more prevalent amongst the aging population who can experience thickening of ligament tissue, osteoarthritis or bulging of the discs. This can cause the narrowing of the spinal canal and contributes to the following common symptoms:

  • Pain or numbness in the lower back when standing upright.
  • Pain, numbness or tingling in the legs or buttocks with walking.
  • Marked symptom relief when bending forward at the waist, sitting or lying down.

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Powerful Interventional Therapies for Relief from Headache Pain

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By Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez, Sarasota PRC

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Amputees Find Relief from Phantom Limb Pain with DRG Stimulation Therapy

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After undergoing the amputation of a limb, patients may experience Phantom Limb Pain (PLP), a neuropathic condition in which pain is perceived as emanating from the amputated limb. This condition is difficult to treat using common pharmaceutical options, which are often ineffective or unbearable for the patient.

In search of an alternative solution for PLP and other pain-producing conditions, clinical trials were conducted to study the effects of Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Stimulation therapy in patients experiencing pain. While the results varied between different clinical studies and patients, common consensus found that DRG Stimulation can be an effective tool in the treatment of pain arising from PLP and other conditions, with a high average of pain reduction in a majority of patients.

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Neurostimulation Therapy Produces Remarkable Results for Treatment of Back Pain

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If you suffer from a condition known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS), then Neurostimulation therapy may be recommended to help alleviate your back pain. FBSS affects approximately 40% of patients who have had previous spinal surgery, resulting in new or persistent pain subsequent to the procedure.

FBSS patients may experience:

  • Back or leg pain that increases over time due to the building up of scar tissue around spinal nerve roots
  • Persistent tissue pain
  • Muscle spasm
  • Worsening condition with repeated back surgery

Neurostimulation therapy is most often recommended when more conservative pain management therapies have failed.

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Dr. Miguel Attias of Tampa PRC Offers Powerful Alternative for Pain Relief Without Addictive Medications

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Dr. Attias has been practicing specialized pain management in Palm Harbor for nearly a decade, and he was one of the first physicians in the area to begin offering an opioid-free alternative treatment after it was approved by the FDA in 2015: Spinal Cord Stimulation.

Since that time, he has seen patients’ lives improved dramatically due to this alternative treatment that eliminates the need for addictive pain medications by way of a battery-operated device that's implanted into the patient to control pain through constant electronic impulses directly into the nerves.

Dr. Attias asserts that opioids are ineffective in treating long-term chronic pain due to tolerance build-up and the potential for addiction, whereas the alternative spinal cord stimulation treatment enables patients to feel only relief, without the side effects of opioid medications.

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Dr. Traub of Tampa PRC Outlines Alternative to Surgery for Spinal Stenosis Sufferers

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On March 19, 2018, Dr. Traub of Tampa Pain Relief Centers gave an informative educational lecture for patients suffering from Spinal Stenosis. The event was sponsored by Vertiflex at Hyatt Place in Tampa, Florida.

Left to right: Nick Villarreal from Vertiflex, Dr. Traub of Tampa Pain Relief Centers, Ryan Mullen, Tampa Marketing Representative and E.J. Amo from Vertiflex 

The topic of this seminar was provide valuable information about an alternative treatment for pain relief without surgery, for patients who either want to avoid undergoing a major procedure, or who can't withstand the demanding process of traditional spinal surgery.

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Dr. Rick Ramos to Appear on WFTV Orlando News Interview with Host Megan Clemente

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If chronic pain is ruling your life, tune in to WFTV Orlando News for an enlightening interview with Dr. Ramos, discussing an innovative alternative for relief from your pain WITHOUT medication.

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Sarasota PRC’s Dr. Goel to Attend the 2018 European Meeting of the Spine Intervention Society in London, England

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On March 23-25, 2018, Dr. Amitabh Goel joins Europe and America’s premier interventional pain physicians at the 2018 European Congress in London to share specific techniques and efficacy data in the management of spine pain.

Educational Objectives

Event participants will learn to:

  • Identify best practices to ensure patient safety during interventional spine procedures;
  • Apply new research findings to the practice of ethical, evidence-based interventional spine care;
  • Describe how strict diagnostic criteria and anatomically validated techniques can improve patient outcomes;
  • Cite the evidentiary basis for the use of diagnostic blocks in the identification of spine pain generators;
  • Examine emerging literature to mitigate risks and to practice spine interventions safely and best protect patients.
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Central Florida PRC’s Dr. Rick Nieves-Ramos to Speak at Neuroscience Symposium for Medical Professionals

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On Saturday, April 14, 2018, Dr. Ramos will be presenting at the Orlando Health First Annual Neuroscience Symposium, on the topic of Medical Management of Back Pain.

Dr. Ramos joins leading physicians from various fields in speaking to medical professionals, with a focus on “Expanding Knowledge, Advancing Treatment.”

This symposium is ideal for primary care and internal medicine physicians, as well as advanced practice providers and nurses who want to further their knowledge of neuroscience treatments.

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